Why woocommerce?


WooCommerce is an industry leader for its versatility, ease of use, and endless customization options. Your business is unique and WooCommerce has several extensions capable of meeting it’s unique requirements.


Sky is the limit with WooCommerce! You can rest assured that even if your starting small now, WooCommerce has the capability to grow right alongside you as you reach your enterprise dreams.


WooCommerce offers long term ease of maintenance. With its modular design you can easily update one component without impacting others, allowing your business to easily add and maintain features over time.

Why progressus.io?


Our team is the best at what they do, WooCommerce! We are even certified WooExperts to prove it. We have successfully completed several projects spanning different industries and business types over the years.

Client Satisfaction

To put it simply, we aren’t happy until you are. Our goal as experts is to provide you with an impeccably finished project that’s on point with your brand and values. To further ensure our work we offer 30 days support and bug fixes on all of our work.


We’re passionate about our work and even more so about delivering quality work to our clients. We ensure the highest quality coding practices, in order to ensure our code continues to work dynamically as your website changes.

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Agile Development

Rapid Development

The agile approach breaks development down into a series of phases so that a minimal viable product (MVP) can be released rapidly. Thus reducing your time to market and getting you online and selling quicker.

Risk Reduction

Time is money, shorter time to market equates to sales today instead of tomorrow. Another benefit is early customer feedback allowing your business to pivot accordingly.

Customer Focused

Customer feedback is crucial in order to ensure you are building features your customers actually use. Agile development ensures rapid feedback and a customer focused website.

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