WooCommerce Plugin Development

We build solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you need a custom-built plugin to service the needs of your customers or an advanced API integration, you come up with the idea, and we’ll make it happen.

Plugin Development

Connect your services to WooCommerce with a bespoke plugin.

Businesses come to us when they need a powerful solution that integrates with WooCommerce and WordPress, or want to offer customers a complementary plugin that extends their services and is hosted in the official WordPress repository. The plugin we build for you can include a multitude of features. Our developers are well-versed in building complex functionality from the ground up and have a great deal of experience in building integrations with third-party applications — ranging from payment gateways and shipping solutions to data extraction and marketing. We build all our solutions with extensibility and scalability in mind.

API Integration

Our developers can integrate your company’s API with the WooCommerce API to create a custom plugin that uses all or just a portion of the complete solution WooCommerce offers.

Connect your business to all kinds of systems and processes, including store management, mobile apps, payment gateways, email platforms, and more. The possibilities are endless. WooCommerce plugin development is complex and requires an intricate understanding of the platform. Our team of developers have broad-ranging expertise when it comes to working with REST API and SOAP integrations. We will work with you on any aspect of WooCommerce API development, including sending information back to WooCommerce and customizing the WooCommerce API if needed.

Related Case Studies

We specialize in pushing the boundaries of what WooCommerce can do.
Custom plugin and extension development, extensive API integrations, subscriptions and bookings websites, vendor solutions—whatever you need, we’ll work with you to develop it.

We developed the official DHL for WooCommerce plugin, enabling store owners to easily and efficiently manage national and international DHL shipments.

We’ve been working with Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com and WooCommerce, to take point in maintaining all their shipping plugins, providing bug fixes in a timely manner.


As NYC’s foremost paint and decor source since 1888 and The Colour Authority to the world, Janovic needed to pivot their portfolio website to a full-fledged online store.

With Progressus.io’s help and great experience within the WordPress, WooCommerce universe, we successfully launched our first ever cross-business unit DHL for WooCommerce plugin. With their help and great customer/user-centric mindset, we are now able to offer an easy, convenient, fast and truly global option for WooCommerce users, enabling store owners to offer our Services from DHL eCommerce, DHL Paket, and DHL Parcel Europe. Progressus.io did a great job!

Dr. Frank Josefiak, Global Channel Management at DHL eCommerce, DHL