Faire Case Study

We helped Faire by building a complex integration which allows any brand to easily sell their products on the Faire website, synchronizing orders placed via Faire with the relevant brand’s WooCommerce site, thereby ensuring fulfilment.

The Brief

Faire is a multiple award winning wholesale marketplace that connects retailers with independent creators and artisans. Its goal is to empower small businesses and promote a sustainable economy by offering a curated selection of unique products. Faire aims to provide retailers with easy access to a wide range of artisanal goods, whilst facilitating brands to both market and track their products effortlessly. 

Despite having launched only in 2017, Faire now hosts over 100,000 brands and sells to around 700,000 retailers – telling figures which attest to their high quality and standards. Ever keen to keep raising the bar, expand and continue providing a best-in-class experience for their clients, Faire faced several challenges:

Make it as easy as possible for brands with existing WooCommerce sites to upload and showcase their products on Faire in addition to their own online stores.

For brands that already featured products on Faire, as well as their own stores, the additional capacity to link products available on both sites, resolving any mismatching data concerning the products.

A requirement to ensure synchronicity and data integrity pertaining to inventories and orders placed via Faire and the WooCommerce site of the brand concerned, regardless of whether the brand already featured on Faire or not.

Recognising the complexity of these hurdles, yet of course unwilling to cut any corners when it comes to quality, Faire sought the proven expertise of Progressus, renowned for creating the best tools for the task at hand!

  • We built a complex plugin that fully integrates with the Faire API, allowing brands to sell their products on Faire without fuss.
  • Developed a complete product synchronization module along with an order synchronization module to ensure data integrity pertaining to stock and orders placed via Faire and the WooCommerce site of the brand concerned.
  • Created a third module designed specifically for brands that already had products featured both on Fair and their own WooCommerce sites – a module capable of linking the products on each platform and resolving any conflicting data concerning such products.

Marketplace Integration


  • Action Scheduler
  • Backend Dev
  • Design & UX

The Approach

It was immediately clear to our experts that this was a particularly complex, multi-faceted task.  At Progressus however, we relish a challenge and were quickly able to identify the various hurdles and rise to the occasion, devising a multi-pronged solution! 

A full integration with the Faire API would indisputably provide the most efficient solution, and we determined 3 key modules that would hugely improve the user experience, making Faire a massively attractive and painless opportunity for brands to exploit.

First up, we set about creating a full product synchronization module which allows brands to upload their products to Faire without fuss, including all of the relevant product information and metadata such as pricing, descriptions and so-forth. In addition to these we added a frequency setting filter for the product updates, featuring an exclusion field which ensures that updates apply exclusively to pre-determined fields, according to the requirements of Faire.  Alongside this, we built a complimentary order synchronization module, ensuring that full data integrity and synchronicity is assured when it comes to orders placed, inventory and new imports, to name but a few – regardless of whether orders are placed on Faire or the WooCommerce site in question; it’s a 2-way street! 

Simple, right? Well that’s all fine and dandy for making Faire an appetizing proposition for brands keen to take advantage of the plentiful benefits of exposure on Faire as of now. But what about those that had the foresight to feature their goods on both Faire and their own sites before now? Well, neither Faire nor Progressus had any intention of betraying these faithful followers and allowing them to suffer for their astute business sense. The wise and the loyal must be rewarded, and it is in this spirit that our experts set about designing a third module, dedicated to linking and syncing products for these shops with Faire, resolving any mismatching product information.  This approach would ensure the same level of data integrity between sites as enjoyed by the Faire newbies …let no brand be left behind – that’s the Progressus motto!

The Results

Thanks to the astuteness of our experts at Progressus as to the needs of Faire, coupled with our acuity in building and executing the complex solutions required, the complicated has become simple for all concerned! It is now easier than ever for anybody – from brands to artisans – to showcase their products on Faire, without worrying about losing track of any data relevant to the success of their business. 

As always, we remain keen to keep our ears open to client feedback and react according to their ever-evolving needs. As such, when Faire recently took account of feedback from merchants concerning their preferences, Progressus listened and reacted by completely revamping the settings page, streamlining the process and separating options such as product sync, order sync, link sync…we’re sure you can guess the rest! 

Consequently, Faire reaps the benefits from this improved user experience, as newcomers enjoy the painless and obvious benefits of selling via Faire, whilst pre-existing clients reap the same benefits of the Progressus upgrades – a win for all concerned! 


Brands Using The Integration


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