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WooCommerce Plugin Development & API Integration

We build solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Whether you need a custom-built plugin to launch your product on the WooCommerce Marketplace or an advanced API integration to connect systems and streamline your business, you come up with the idea, and we’ll make it happen.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

We’ll build your official WooCommerce plugin and launch it on the WooCommerce Marketplace – opening up your ecommerce product, tool or service to a market of millions of WooCommerce users

Businesses usually come to us when they want to offer their e-commerce product or service to the WooCommerce ecosystem via an official WooCommerce Marketplace plugin. Our WooCommerce Plugin development team are well-versed in building complex functionality from the ground up and have a great deal of experience in building plugins and extensions that integrate with third-party applications — ranging from payment gateways and shipping carriers, to data extraction and marketing. We build all our solutions with extensibility and scalability in mind.

WooCommerce plugins are essentially a custom extension of the core functionality of WooCommerce. This means for example that your tax calculator, payment gateway or shipping service becomes an integral part of a merchant’s frontend and/or backend website. Essentially, this is your pathway to more users and more revenue for your business, allowing your solution to ‘plug in’ and become part of the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world.

Service and Systems Integration

We’ll integrate your company’s systems or services with your WooCommerce instance(s) – creating a seamless flow of data between your systems – eliminating manual work and streamlining your business processes.

Businesses usually come to us for custom WooCommerce integration development when they want to improve business efficiency by removing time-consuming manual or repetitive tasks that are hitting their bottom line. They’ve looked at existing WooCommerce plugins as an option, but none of them quite fit the unique business needs.

This is where Custom API integration work really comes to the fore, allowing you to connect your business to all kinds of services, systems and processes, such as store management, PIMs, custom databases, mobile apps, payment gateways, production management software and more. The possibilities are endless. API Integrations are extremely powerful yet complex and require an intricate understanding of the WooCommerce platform to create an error free (and logged) flow of data exchange and updates.
Our team of developers have broad-ranging expertise when it comes to working with REST or SOAP API integrations. We will work with you on any aspect of API integration and development, including sending information to and from WooCommerce and/or customizing the WooCommerce API if and when required.

Key Steps in our WooCommerce Plugin and
Integration Development Process

Whether we’re building a plugin to launch on the wooCommerce marketplace or an API integration to connect your business and 3rd party services or tools, this is complex integration work and the key steps and process you get with Progressus reflect this. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your project and customer needs, and translate that into efficient and scalable code. We have great developers, but at the base of everything is excellent communication – starting at requirements gathering and continuing all the way to plugin launch and ongoing maintenance. These key steps are outlined below.

1. Requirements Gathering

We take the time to understand your business and your specific needs for a WooCommerce plugin. We discuss the features and functionality you need, the WooCommerce features you want to integrate with, and the user experience you want for your customers or key stakeholders.

2. Project Plan

We create a project plan that outlines the scope of work, timeline, budget, and milestones for the development of your plugin. This ensures that we are all on the same page and that the project is completed on time and within budget.

3. Development and Testing

Our experienced WooCommerce plugin developers use best practices to develop your plugin. We test it thoroughly to ensure that it works as expected, is compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins, and is secure and scalable.  We package it so that it can be installed and activated on yours and/or other WordPress websites (in the case of an official WooCommerce marketplace plugin).

4. Submission To The WooCommerce Marketplace (Official Llugins Only)

If we’re creating a plugin for public use,  we need approval on the marketplace for your plugin to be listed and discoverable. We’ll take care of this process for you – submitting it to  WooCommerce for review and approval. We know the exact hoops to jump through to get you launched with the best possible chance of success and our developers and project managers are experienced in working closely with the wooCommerce team to make this happen.

5. GO LIVE (and Launch)

Once your plugin or integration is developed and tested, we package it so that it can be installed and activated on your site (in the case of a private integration) or on millions of WordPress websites (in the case of a public plugin).

6. Documentation, Ongoing Maintenance and Support SLAs

Once your plugin or integration is up and running, we don’t just then shake your hand and leave – we stick around –  providing detailed documentation, as well as ongoing maintenance and support, including stability updates and answering user queries, all within tightly defined minimum SLAs. We’ll be on hand to keep you updated, stable and efficient. And, most importantly, making money.erere

Why Outsource your WooCommerce Plugin
and Integration Dev to Experts?

It’s the same reason you employ an accountant. You could probably do your accounts yourself, but you know it’ll take you longer and eventually cost you more money than if you hire an expert. With WooCommerce Integration, the benefits are similar.


Even if you are lucky enough to have an experienced in-house dev team for your product, working with WooCommerce integration experts is essential to creating an optimal and future-proofed plugin.

Best Practice

WordPress and WooCommerce is constantly evolving. To stay up-to-date and relevant, it’s crucial to build to the latest security standards and protocols.

On-Going Support

Our WooCommerce knowledge won’t drift away once our project is complete. With over 10 years soaked in WooCommerce development, we’re not going anywhere and we’ll be on hand to help you build and grow your plugin as required in the future.

WooCommerce Integrations and plugins are our bread and butter. Let us take care of the nitty gritty, allowing you to get on with the bigger picture of growing your business.

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We’ve been working with Automattic, the company behind and WooCommerce, to take point in maintaining all their shipping plugins, providing bug fixes in a timely manner.

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We’ve been working with Progressus for more than one year. They have been instrumental in the maintenance ad development of some of our WooCommerce extensions and services. They quickly demonstrated their knowledge with WordPress and WooCommerce. They made an effort to understand the problem without jumping to a quick fix. They are now fully autonomous on the development process, efficiently solving the emerging issues and adding features when needed. Our team is delighted with their work.

Francesco Rosso, Automattic