12 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins Including Global Options

List of the best WooCommerce shipping plugins.

Choosing a WooCommerce shipping plugin for your online store can be tricky seeing as there are so many options with differing capabilities.

It’s made more complicated by the fact that international shipping to or from certain locations isn’t always inbuilt, including in the WooCommerce core.

Not to worry because there are several solid options when it comes to WooCommerce shipping plugins. This includes ones that handle international parcels. You’ll find options for both below.

Top WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

Below are standard shipping options that cover a wide variety of features that are typically needed. But, remember that the right WooCommerce shipping plugin for your needs is the one that checks as many boxes on your feature wishlist.

Please keep in mind that as verified WooCommerce experts, we’re working diligently providing bug fixes and maintenance for all the official WooCommerce shipping plugins. This includes the ones listed here.

If you don’t find an option for the right WooCommerce shipping plugins for your needs here, there are plenty more. You can check them out on WooCommerce.com’s shipping extension library.

1. WooCommerce Shipping

The WooCommerce shipping plugin page.

This extension streamlines the way you create shipping labels. You can do so straight from the WooCommerce dashboard with a few clicks and without copy and pasting details. Or, without manually writing them out.

For stores based in the US, shipping discounts are available. You’ll also be able to print shipping labels on supported devices and printers.

2. WooCommerce Shipping & Tax

The WooCommerce Shipping & Tax plugin page.

WooCommerce Shipping & Tax (formerly Woocommerce Services) lets you purchase and print USPS and DHL shipping labels. It also handles international orders if your store is based inside the US. Not only that, but taxes are automatically calculated for you. This plugin can also save you up to 90% on shipping costs as well.
Keep in mind that to use this plugin, you’ll also need to install the Jetpack plugin. You also need a WordPress.com account connected to your WooCommerce online store. This provides secure authentication as well as to charge your credit card on file when you purchase and print shipping.

3. Table Rate Shipping

The Table Rate Shipping extension page.

This is a WooCommerce shipping plugin where you can set multiple shipping rates based on criteria such as location, price, weight, item count or shipping class. Beyond that, you can also set wildcards that will span across multiple matching regions.

There are also advanced features in their intuitive interface that lets you extend WooCommerce’s inbuilt shipping options for greater customisation. You can also set up multiple table rates for shipping zones including calculations per item, line or class.

You can also define advanced rules based on factors such as weight or number of items in the order and more.

4. Conditional Shipping and Payments

Conditional Shipping and Payments extension page.

The Conditional Shipping and Payments extension gives you a way to restrict selling products to the regions and countries where they’re restricted. This is done using conditional logic. It’s also what lets you automatically hide shipping methods or payment gateways based on many factors.

For example, you can set up this WooCommerce shipping plugin to hide these options based on the product, location, currency, package weight, item count, coupons used or the total at checkout. You can also use this plugin with other WooCommerce extensions. That way, you can limit options based on specific customers, their membership level or if they’re a wholesale customer.

5. WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment

WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment extension page.

You can use this plugin to have your products handled by Amazon’s fulfilment service. Items can be automatically shipped to your customers worldwide while Amazon handles the picking, packing, shipping and order tracking.

You can configure settings for the whole store or per product. There’s also an option for manually selecting orders to be sent to Amazon in case you need it.

With this WooCommerce shipping plugin, you’ll be able to send advanced email notifications, automatically sync stock levels between your store and Amazon as well as let customers view orders and shipment details on your site.

Best International WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

What about WooCommerce shipping plugins for international customers and online stores? Not to worry, here are common options for you to check out. As previously mentioned, if you don’t find an extension below that works for you, you can find more WooCommerce shipping plugins on WooCommerce.com.

6. DHL for WooCommerce

The DHL for WooCommerce shipping plugin page.

WooCommerce core doesn’t include support for DHL in Europe, which is why this WooCommerce shipping plugin was built. With this plugin, you can create parcel labels in the back end. This includes extra services for labels such as insurance coverage.

It also handles duties for international packages, documents for customs, sending emails from DHL, adding details like reference numbers and more. It’s also one of the plugins that we’re actively working on with DHL as verified WooCommerce experts.

This shipping plugin previously had support for Asia as well, but the functionality has been moved to a GitHub repository.

7. USPS Shipping Method

The USPS Shipping Method plugin page.

With this WooCommerce shipping plugin, you can get real-time, accurate, worldwide shipping rates directly from USPS’ API which takes care of both US and international shipping.

It may be important to note that your store needs to be in US dollars and also based in the United States, US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico to use this plugin.

You can also enable or disable the names and costs of the shipping rates as well as choose to package items individually or by using the inbuilt box packer feature.

8. UPS Shipping Method

The UPS Shipping Method plugin page.

Similar to the plugin above, you can get shipping rates directly from UPS via their API. It also handles both US and international shipments. Rates are calculated based on the currency and country where your store is set up through the API.

To make this plugin work, you’ll also need to install SimpleXML on your server so be sure to keep that in mind if you decide to use this plugin for your online store.

9. FedEx Shipping Method

FedEx Shipping Method extension page.

Following suit with the last two plugins, this one also grabs shipping rates via an API for both US and international parcels. The difference is this one’s for FedEx. To use this plugin, your online store must be based in the US or Canada and it must operate using US or Canadian dollars. Although, it calculates rates for worldwide shipping.

If you want to use this WooCommerce shipping plugin, you’ll also need to have SOAP installed on your server.

10. Royal Mail

The Royal Mail extension page.

Since Royal Mail doesn’t have a public API to pull shipping rates from for your customers on the front end, you can use this plugin to take care of that for you. You can also customise the names of the services, raise the prices and choose to pack individual items or else use the inbuilt box packer for multiple packages.

Keep in mind that your online store must be based in the UK and your items need to be set up with weights and dimensions. Your store also needs to have its currency set to GBP.

11. Australia Post Shipping Method

Australia Post Shipping Method plugin page.

With this WooCommerce shipping plugin, you can use Australia Post’s API to get accurate shipping rates for your customers. It also handles domestic as well as international shipping. It only works for standard calculations, which means it doesn’t cover prepaid parcels or bulk discounts.

Beyond that, you also need to have your online store set to Australian dollars and have centimetres for dimensions and kilograms for weights set up. But, this plugin will automatically convert other units if that’s what you’re using.

This plugin also has other features such as being able to offer extra insurance coverage, delivery confirmations, changing the shipping service names and padding the prices. You can also choose to pack your products for shipment individually or using the inbuilt box packer for multiple items.

12. Canada Post Shipping Method

Canada Post Shipping Method plugin page.

This final WooCommerce shipping plugin uses Canada Post’s API to pull accurate shipping rates for your customers. But, your store needs to be set to use Canadian dollars. Similar to the other international shipping plugins mentioned above, you can choose to offer additional insurance, adding notes to parcels and setting the delivery method as pickup.

Not only that, but you can edit the shipping names, add to the prices and use the box packer for multiple items or choose to pack products individually.


It’s exciting to receive orders coming in from your online store and adding a WooCommerce shipping plugin like the ones above to your site can help you fulfil those orders with ease.

Do you have any questions about which WooCommerce shipping plugin will best suit your online store? Ask away in the comments below.

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