6 thoughts on “10 Best WooCommerce Payment Gateways”

    1. Hi Jim,

      Yeah, Stripe is definitely a solid option. Thanks for sharing that and I’m glad you found this article useful.

      Best wishes,


    1. Hey Carla,

      I hope Sage Pay worked out for you or else that you were able to find a suitable option!



  1. I am using PayPal’s default 1-click Payment Checkout option but it does not work for me because the amount paid by the customer gets held by PayPal for up to a week. Is there any better option available or should I be opting for a paid plugin?

    Thank You

    1. Hey Yasar,

      That situation has to do with the payment processor and their policies rather than a plugin. No matter what plugin you use, if payments are processed through PayPal, you’ll keep getting the same result. You need to choose a different payment processor such as Stripe or Braintree, for example, but be sure to check their policies regarding funds since it differs depending on the country your business is operating in.

      If you have any more questions, feel free to reply. I hope that helps.



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