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  • Hiring Trusted WordPress Developers Saves You Money: Why and How

    Hiring WordPress developer teams,  freelance WordPress developers and WooCommerce experts can save your business a lot of time and money since each process is streamlined. But, hiring a web development team that’s not trustworthy can cost your business big time. You could lose money on development times that run too long, end up with incomplete…

  • Customising WooCommerce best practices

    Be Careful What You Woo: Customising WooCommerce Properly

    Customizing WooCommerce is tricky because if you do it wrong it results in errors. The WooCommerce documentation articles are helpful for learning how to properly go about customising WooCommerce. But, they don’t go far enough. Here’s what would otherwise be the continuation of the documentation for customising WooCommerce. These best practices are based on my…

  • 6 unexpected plugins to manage WooCommerce

    6 Unexpected Plugins You Need to Manage WooCommerce

    Managing Woocommerce can be tricky. But, our team here at knows that installing the right WordPress plugins can make the process much more streamlined. There are a few plugins that we have found to be especially helpful in the WooCommerce projects we work on regularly. We recommend that every WooCommerce store owner use them.…

  • Switching from WooCommerce Multisite to a Single Site

    This post details my experience with moving a live site from WooCommerce Multisite setup with two top level domains (TLDs) to one single TLD.  Throughout the process I referenced these two articles for help, but I found that they were both incomplete for my purposes; one from and one from

  • WooCommerce Multisite SEO Regional Targeting

    For SEO WooCommerce purposes, you realize you need to target multiple regions so you have better visibility in search engines. That means you need to duplicate the same website on two different network sites within a WordPress Multisite setup. The goal of each site is to target a set of users in a different region…

  • How to Create a WooCommerce GeoIP Multisite Store Notice

    What if you wanted to use WooCommerce, GeoIP and Multisite to display a store notice based on a visitor’s IP address, but no plugin exists for it? That’s the situation I found myself in recently. One option is to develop a plugin for it, like I do all the time for such cases. But, I…